Michael Fitzpatrick:

A short summary of  the ideas; not only to inform, but also to  inspire other National DEBRA's to invent their own initiatives in the case of fundraising.

DEBRA Chile: Skiing

They had a campaign with banners, posters and e-mails: skiing for EB; three ski-games; search for butterflies in the snow! The output was about 6000 euro's, but the campaign stimulated people to become a DEBRA-member. Another event organized by DEBRA Chile was the Family Race; EB-Families getting acquainted with snow. Skiing in Chile is mostly reserved to the upper ten; so financially spoken it's an interesting target group. It was the first time DEBRA Chile organized an event like this. All these campaigns distributed tot more awareness with EB.


DEBRA Canada: An international EB Awareness week.

The public relations for this event were taken care of by Photo-posters of EB children and grown-ups in English and French. There was a possibility to download a PDF file of these posters. 56 countries were involved in this event. This initiative took place for the first time in 2005 with a letter to the American Congress; which in 2006 resulted in organizing a national EB Awareness week in the USA. Now this initiative has grown into a worldwide campaign; the international EB Awareness Week. Important for the P.R were the press releases, social media (1200 Facebook connections) and Metro news. The web shop offered specially printed cups, shirts etc.

The devices, used for this event were:

  • Walk a mile in my shoes for a while.
  • The only limitation is your creation.

DERBRA Spain; Special charity shops

With the support of DEBRA UK DEBRA Spain started with special charity shops; there are 7 of these shops now in Spain. The shops are taken care of by paid managers, but the other workers are all volunteers. The shops depend on donations and the output of flea-markets and fancy-fairs. The advantage of these shops, comparing with other shops, are the permanent low prizes. The costs of the average shop with the best output (100.000 euro's) is about 35.000 euro's a year.  That leaves 65.000 euro's as a profit for DEBRA Spain.

DEBRA Croatia: a public sale

DEBRA Croatia organized a public sale of the costumes and clothing's, belonging to national well known celebrities. They sold these clothing via Internet. It resulted in a lot more awareness of EB and free publicity.

DEBRA Czech Republic

This DEBRA member used also the national celebrities; 12 of those well known ladies and gentlemen showed how butterfly-kids experience their daily surroundings   . With those Photographs' expositions were set up, and calendars and diaries produced with support of several sponsors. The costs of the design of these products were 14.000 euro's, but the output will be 30.000 euro's. It can be a good idea to produce such a calendar on an international scale.

DEBRA Ireland: a lottery

DEBRA Ireland hired a professional telemarketing company to sell lottery-tickets by phone. The costs were higher than the output, but agreed was that no costs would have to be paid, if there was an output anyway. So finally DEBRA Ireland could profit; 200.000 euro's.

DEBRA UK: Emotional blackmail

Robin Hood of DEBRA UK showed the audience a clear and moving little movie of his daughter, who died of EB. He's always ready to show this little DVD documentary in a little mobile DVD-player; "Can I have only 4 minutes of your time?"  That is his opening speech for a talk about fundraising. He sticks to emotional blackmail, as he puts it with a smile, "keep on going and aim for the stars, never miss an opportunity ".

DEBRA Australia; the Cannonball Charity Ride 2011

DEBRA Australia organized The Cannonball Charity Ride in 2011; a rally who takes you through the deserts of Australia. (Also organized in the years before) 25 drivers participate in this rally; their device was; roosting for a cause! The output was 34.000 Aus. Dollars.

DEBRA New Zealand: Charity year

The New Zealand Ballet declared the year 2011 as EB Charity target.

Other remarks:

  • The Harley Davidson company is going to use DEBRA Badges on their clothing.
  • Is there a possibility to have an international forum for fundraising related to the website of DEBRA International?
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