International Care Congress 2011 Epidermolysis Bullosa

Finally it is happening; it is Thursday 27 October 2011, and the Fountain patio at the University Medical Centre in Groningen became packed with the participants of this International Debra-congress. For all the members of the Executive Committee of DEBRA the Netherlands, preparing this congress  was an important moment. Now it will be clear if all the efforts and preparations will be successful. And I think they were in the following days.

Almost 200 participants from 27 countries were entirely enthusiastic about the scientific, social and psycho-social lectures offered within  the daily programs. Apart from the sessions, there was enough time and possibility to exchange information en thoughts, to share experiences, which made these days an unforgettable happening for many DEBRA members. The presence of a little market with all kinds of ointments, special bandages and gauzes made it possible for those present to get informed on the subject of the newest developments in the daily treatment of EB. What also was very special during this congress, was the declaration of the universal rights of people with EB.


Concluding we can say that we can look back at very special and successful days, thanks to the efforts of a lot of co-workers. By this I want to give special attention to a few of them; Frank Houben, the great instigator of this congress, Malte Westheide, our treasurer, taking care of all our financial tasks, en especially Harry Gubbels, from the Wenckebach Institute in Groningen.He and his team took perfect care of all the organizing and practical jobs concerning this congress. Apart from his help we also got a lot of support from John Dart, who, by means of his great experience in organizing congresses like this, could give us a lot of advice. Besides that we want to thank also all the chairmen, the interpreters, minutes-writers and speakers, with special attention for Dr. Marcel Jonkman,who took the initiative to give young scientists the opportunity to do a presentation.

The congress was able to get organized with the help of sponsors, especially our sponsor Molnlycke .This Company financed also the last international DEBRA congress held in the Netherlands in 1999. We are also thankful to  the VSB-fund who made it possible for Dutch DEBRA-members to visit this congress for a reduced fee.

We hope with this Congress-special to express our thanks to all of the participants who helped to make this congress successful.

Ank ten Siethoff, Chairman DEBRA the Netherlands.

Debra Netherlands

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